January 2015

May God Bless and Keep You Always

Expired 3.0 35 x
Series finale! The Braverman clan comes together to celebrate the union of Sarah and Hank. Sarah Ramos, Matt Lauria and John Corbett guest star.

We Made It Through the Night

Expired 3.0 48 x
Camille and Zeek make a fateful decision; tempers flare around the fate of The Luncheonette; Amber goes into labor.

Let's Go Home

Expired 3.0 45 x
While Sarah contemplates Hank's marriage proposal, Joel and Julia consider getting back together and the future of The Luncheonette hangs in the balance.

How Did We Get Here?

Expired 2.0 41 x
In the series' 100th episode, the family struggles as Zeek's fate hangs in the balance but finds a happy distraction by throwing Amber an impromptu baby shower at the hospital.
November 2014

Lean In

Expired 3.0 48 x
Joel fights for Julia; things between Max and Dylan explode on Parents Night; tensions rise when Sarah bumps into Mr. Cyr. Jason Ritter guest stars.

Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped

Expired 3.0 22 x
Max's crush hits a wall; Amber and Crosby team up for a wild night.

These Are the Times We Live in

Expired 3.0 16 x
Zeek enlists a new wing man; Amber's experiment in motherhood yields mixed results; Joel and Julia face the end of their marriage.
October 2014

Too Big to Fail

Expired 3.0 23 x
Three months later, financial pressure impacts Amber and The Luncheonette.

The Scale of Affection is Fluid

Expired 3.0 72 x
Max pursues Dylan; Amber has a first date; Crosby takes Zeek on a joyride; Joel makes an emotional discovery at a family barbecue.

A Potpourri of Freaks

Expired 3.0 33 x
Crosby chases down Oliver; a new student throws Max for a loop. Ray Romano, Betsy Brandt and Tyson Ritter guest star.