Pbs Newshour

December 2017

What’S At Stake If Congress Kills The Medical Deduction

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How does the deduction work, and who would be affected if it gets scrapped?

Eyeing Russia, Nato Troops Drill For War On A Cold-War Scale

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NATO forces practice trench warfare and live fire drills at Russia’s doorstep.

News Wrap: Accusers Ask Congress To Investigate Trump

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Women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment demanded a congressional investigation.

Counterterrorism Chief Says Isis Adapting To Inspire Attacks

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What do officials know about the attempted morning attack of a New York subway?

Doug Jones And Roy Moore Wrap Up Toss-Up Alabama Senate Race

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Support is split for senate candidate Roy Moore the day before Alabama’s election.

Rethinking The Utility Company As Solar Power Heats Up

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What does solar power mean for the evolution of utility companies?

Justices Weigh Discrimination, Dignity In Wedding Cake Case

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What a cake order has to do with civil rights laws.

Does Iran's Religious Influence Translate To Iraqi Politics?

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Revealing Iran's powerful influence in Iraq.

House Passes Major Gun Bill As Senators Debate Bump-Stocks

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The House passed its first major piece of gun legislation.

What A Defamation Lawsuit Could Mean For Trump

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In the private sector, sexual harassment allegations are fatal. Why not in politics?