Pbs Newshour

September 2019

The Whistleblower Report In Context Of Ukrainian Politics

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Amid whistleblower reports, what's the state of U.S.-Ukraine relations?

Shields And Brooks On The Whistleblower Complaint

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Shields and Brooks on the whistleblower complaint, Saudi oil attack

Youth Climate Action Marches Draw Millions Around The World

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Youth marches for climate action draw millions around the world

Schiff Says 'We're At Risk' Over Handling Of Whistleblower

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Until whistleblower complaint is revealed, 'we're at risk,' says Rep. Schiff

Why Extreme Climate Scenarios No Longer Seem So Unlikely

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Why extreme climate scenarios no longer seem so unlikely

For Many Canadians, Trudeau Blackface Photos Come As A Shock

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For many Canadians, Trudeau's blackface photos come as 'a shock'

How U.S. Economists Have Driven Growth-Oriented Policy

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What Fed's 2nd interest rate cut in 3 months says about the U.S. economy

How Teens Are Reacting To News Of Vaping Dangers

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How teens across the country are reacting to news of vaping dangers

How Rising Water Temperatures Could End Maine's Lobster Boom

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What rising temperatures in the Gulf of Maine mean for the state's lobster industry

News Wrap: Israel’S Government In Limbo After Close Election

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News Wrap: Israel’s government in limbo after close election