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July 2021

What Americans Should Know About The Delta Variant, Masks

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What Americans should know about the delta variant, masks — regardless of vaccine status

How The Opioids Settlement Will Impact Affected Communities

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How the opioids settlement will impact communities affected by addiction

Pelosi Blocked Trump Allies From Jan. 6 Committee. Now What?

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Pelosi blocked Trump allies Jordan, Banks from Jan. 6 committee. Now what?

Californians Scramble For Water As Taps, Wells Run Dry

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Californians scramble for fresh water as taps, wells run dry

Extreme U.S. West Wildfires Creating Lightning, Fire Whirls

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West U.S. wildfires are so extreme that they're creating lightning, fire whirls

Sanders On Budget, Infrastructure, Immigration And Covid

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Sanders: GOP 'nervous' about 'overdue' progressive policies in budget, infrastructure bill

Dr. Fauci On Delta Variant, Breakthrough Infections, Masks

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Dr. Fauci on delta variant, risks to children, breakthrough COVID and booster shots

On Chinese Cyberattacks, Global Use Of Pegasus Spyware

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As U.S., allies condemn Chinese cyberattacks, report exposes governments' use of spyware

News Wrap: Stocks Slump As Covid-19 Restrictions Return

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News Wrap: Stocks slump as COVID-19 restrictions return

A Conflict Journalist On Quarantine Reporting Challenges

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A conflict journalist on the unique challenges of reporting on COVID in Holmfirth, England