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July 2020

Schools Face Immense Pressure As They Grapple With Reopening

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Schools face unprecedented pressure as they grapple with reopening

News Wrap: U.S. Notifies U.N. Of Intent To Withdraw From Who

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News Wrap: U.S. officially notifies United Nations of plan to withdraw from WHO

More States See Icus Reach Capacity As Coronavirus Spreads

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More states are seeing ICUs reach capacity as coronavirus spreads

News Wrap: Judge Halts Dakota Access Pipeline Until Review

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News Wrap: Judge halts Dakota Access Pipeline pending environmental review

What The Pandemic Means For Hurricane Preparation

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This hurricane season is expected to be busy. How COVID-19 is changing preparation

Why Black, Latinx Americans Are Suffering More From Covid-19

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How federal response has failed to address racial disparities in pandemic's toll

David Brooks And Jonathan Capehart On Coronavirus Failures

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David Brooks and Jonathan Capehart on coronavirus failures, anti-Trump Republicans

Trump 2020 Strategy: Statues, ‘Traditional American Values’

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Trump’s 2020 strategy: statues, ‘traditional American values’

Experts Focus On Superspreaders To Study Virus Transmission

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Experts focus on ‘superspreaders’ to study virus transmission

Shields And Brooks On Trump's Polls, Pandemic Health Care

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Shields and Brooks on Trump's poll numbers, health care in a pandemic