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January 2019

Trump Missile Defense Plans May Spark Arms Race, Critics Say

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Trump's new plans for missile defense may spark arms race, critics say

Why Tech Industry Monopolies Could Be A 'Curse' For Society

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Why tech industry monopolies could be a 'curse' for society

News Wrap: Giuliani Changes His Tune On Russia Collusion

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News Wrap: Giuliani comments raise new questions about collusion by Trump campaign

New York Knicks Center Enes Kanter On Why He Fears Erdogan

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New York Knicks center Enes Kanter on why he fears Erdogan

How 2 House Freshmen Navigate Capitol Hill Amid Shutdown

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New to Capitol Hill, Reps. Riggleman and Spanberger face shutdown's added pressure

Shutdown Halts Many Epa Safety And Pollution Inspections

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With much of the EPA closed, industrial safety and pollution inspections come to a halt

2 Cities Illustrate Shutdown's Profound National Impact

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These 2 cities illustrate the shutdown's profound national impact

Why State Of The Union Is 'Leverage' In Shutdown Debate

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How the State of the Union became 'leverage' in shutdown debate

Risch: 'I Really Don't' Believe Trump Acts To Help Russia

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'I really don't' believe Trump acts in ways that help Russia, Sen. Risch says

Why Republicans Are Rebuking Rep. Steve King Now

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Why Republicans are rebuking Rep. Steve King now