Pbs Newshour

February 2018

Remembering ‘America’S Pastor’ Billy Graham

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Graham carried his message of peace and equality to millions around the world.

Students Are ‘Fed Up’ Going To School Scared For Their Lives

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Student-led rallies in support of gun control are picking up momentum in Florida

News Wrap: Trump Blames Obama For Russian Meddling

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Trump charged that former President Obama should have done more about Russian meddling.

News Wrap: Russia Probe Extracts Fourth Guilty Plea

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Alex van der Zwaan appeared in court after admitting to lying to investigators.

Why We Still Need Historically Black Colleges Today

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‘Tell Them We Are Rising’ tells the story of this country’s historically black colleges.

What Do We Know After The Latest Russia Indictments?

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Trump lashed out on Twitter over the special counsel’s indictment of Russian officials.

U.S. Scientist Saw North Korea Nuclear Program Up Close

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Nuclear Scientist Sig Hecker has seen North Korea’s nuclear program firsthand.

Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White Faces Tough Questions

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How Olympic snowboarder Shaun White became a part of the #MeToo conversation.

Shulkin Is 6Th Cabinet Member Questioned About Pricey Travel

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Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin is in trouble for a pricey trip to Europe.

The National Response To Mass Shootings Is Stuck On Repeat

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Shock and grief give way to condolences and calls for greater gun control.