Pbs Newshour

October 2021

Why Biden's Approval Rating Is Tanking According To New Poll

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Why Biden's approval rating is tanking and how Americans view democracy, justice

What Parents Need To Know About Covid Vaccines For Children

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What parents need to know about vaccinating young children against COVID-19

Raising The Future, The Child Care Crisis

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PBS NewsHour explores the lack of affordable, quality child care for American families

Amara Keith And Amy Walter On Biden Agenda, Voter Views

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Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Democratic negotiations over Biden agenda, voter views

Remembering The Life And Legacy Of Colin Powell

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Remembering the life and legacy of Colin Powell, a national security trailblazer

News Wrap: Jury Selection Begins In Ahmaud Arbery Trial

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News Wrap: Jury selection begins in Ahmaud Arbery trial

A Brief But Spectacular Take On Mental Illness In Jails

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A Florida sheriff's Brief But Spectacular take on mental illness in county jails

Why Native Americans Are Buying Back Ancestral Land

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Why Native Americans are buying back land that was stolen from them

Brooks And Capehart On Supply-Chain Issues, Vaccine Pushback

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Brooks and Capehart on supply-chain bottlenecks, Republican pushback to vaccine mandates

Tribal Land Buybacks: A Commercial Route To Social Justice

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Native American tribes land buybacks start a commercial approach to social justice