Pbs Online Film Festival

July 2017

S2017 Ep2: Guns On Campus

3.0 2 x
50 years after a gunman opened fire at the University of Texas in Austin — the first recorded mass shooting in US history and subject of the Independent Lens film TOWER — students can now carry handguns on campus. Proponents of the law, affecting all public universities in Texas, argue an armed student body could help prev...

S2017 Ep5: Last Light

3.0 5 x
On the verge of her mother’s death, Addie returns home to shed light on her dark past amidst the wreckage collected over twenty years.

S2017 Ep22: Finding America:The Fresh Prince Of Anacostia

4.0 5 x
Kymone Freeman believes that everyone has a story to tell. At We Act Radio, the radio personality and activist cultivates the authentic voices of Anacostia, his historically black and underreported Washington D.C. neighborhood. Like Kymone’s hero Frederick Douglass, “The Lion of Anacostia,” the community holds strong in th...

S2017 Ep23: Periphery

4.0 4 x
A girl, struggling to get by, decides to take a chance and help someone less fortunate. Through her journey, she discovers her new friend may hold the key to a new way of thinking.

S2017 Ep9: You Can Go

3.0 5 x
A high school administrator talks down a troubled student.

S2017 Ep4: U R A Dial Tone

4.0 8 x
Sylvia loves her job as a sign language interpreter, where she makes phone calls for deaf people. Sure, sometimes she gets too emotionally involved and a computer glitch sucks her into her callers’ lives, but who doesn’t break the rules every now and then? When Sylvia’s company starts monitoring her every word, she has to ...

S2017 Ep25: Legacy

4.0 5 x
In the world of professional Mixed Martial Arts, Nikki Lowe stands out as one of the few Native Americans competing in the sport today. A fighter inside and outside of the cage, she continually strives to maintain her cultural identity as a Chickasaw Native, and is now focused on healing her body and soul from the latest t...

S2017 Ep16: Syrian Photographer Osama Esid

4.0 3 x
Born in Damascus and now living in Minnesota, Osama Esid’s photographs express the power of human connection. Esid, a portrait photographer, felt compelled to travel to the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey. Determined to portray his subjects with sensitivity, compassion and his own unique understanding, Esid’s images explore...

S2017 Ep23: Lockbox

4.0 9 x
Upon her 18th birthday Anna receives the key to a mysterious lockbox from an unbeknownst source. When she opens the box, she unleashes a haunting secret from beyond the grave that unlocks the truth about her own tragic, yet truly romantic past.

S2017 Ep11: Maria

4.0 6 x
The matriarch of a large Polynesian family lies bedridden and silent, unable or unwilling to speak after a long illness. When a family crisis strikes, Nan Maria gets some unexpected help as she struggles to reunite her fractured family.