Pig Goat Banana Cricket



3.0 98 x
Banana builds his own theme park. Cricket needs to hire a new lab assistant. Goat joins a band of country bears, or so she thinks. Pig is tasked with taking care of the house while the roommates are away.

The Tooth of My True Love

3.5 167 x
Goat is saved by a masked hero and believes he's her one true love. Pig becomes a musical chairs champion. Banana is mistaken for a Tubey Dude, a popular kid's toy. Cricket must go back to kindergarten.

Secret Origins: Special Edition

3.0 438 x
Secret Origins: Special Edition of the TV-show Pig Goat Banana Cricket was broadcast by Nick on Saturday 19 March 2016 at 2:04AM.


3.0 164 x
Pig's love for fudge bubbles triggers a fudge deluge of doom. Goat uses her ark to save the town from the rising fudge waters. Banana is taken by pirates. Alone on a deserted island, Cricket rebuilds his life.

The Most Beautiful Roach in the World

3.0 147 x
Pig finds a police kit in a cereal box. Goat submits a cockroach for a beauty pageant. Banana gets trapped in a factory that wants to use his peel. Cricket has to go back to kindergarten to get a diploma.

It's Time to Slumber Party

3.0 33 x
It's Time to Slumber Party: Pig can't find anybody to have a slumber party with him. Goat joins the armed forces in order to get a VIP concert experience. Banana takes up news casting as a quick way to become famous. Cricket has to stop picking his nose.

Total Bananarchy

3.0 71 x
Pig wishes to the President for his birthday, but causes mayhem. Banana recruits Shragger as his bodyguard. Goat builds a sculpture for Pig's birthday. Cricket flees to Mars for a more organized society.

Mall Ya Later

3.0 45 x
A mall gets built around the treehouse. Banana needs to make a quick buck to buy his toy gun. Goat operates a wizarding kiosk. Cricket gets stuck managing a Jorts store. Pig goes to the movies with disastrous results.
Episodes 2015

Zombie Broheims

3.0 39 x
Banana makes Pig his substitute Scoutmaster for the day. Banana joins a herd of zombies. Goat wants to be Customer of the Day at the Smoothie shop. Cricket awaits the best cookie in the world from being ready in his lab.

Happy Chalawunga!

3.0 82 x
Pig searches the sewers for Filthy the Foot. Banana is forced to shop for Chalawunga gifts. Goat is determined to sing her song in the Chalawunga Parade. Cricket creates Mecha Foot for Pig.