Pinky Dinky Doo

January 2016

Episode 13: Awful Good Day/Tyler's Neat-o Tuxedo

4.0 292 x
Pinky must find a way to fix all the things that keep going wrong at the Great Big Costume Contest; When Sr. Pedro the Penguin gets invited to his first barbeque, he can't get in unless he's wearing something casual. What's a dapper penguin to do?

Episode 14: Wintery Dintery Doo/Pinky's Concert

3.0 90 x
On a very hot summer day, Pinky looks out the window and sees everything is covered in snow; It's concert day at school, but Pinky forgets her French horn at home. Time to think big!

Episode 15: Cheese Chase/Try It, You'll Like it

3.0 87 x
Pinky attends a giant cheese festival, but all of the cheese goes missing; Miss Zero asks Pinky to be the judge of her planet's bake-off.

Episode 16: Pinky Dinky Duplicate/I Want That

3.0 133 x
Pinky has too much to do, so she uses her handy dandy duplicator machine to make copies of herself; Tyler and Daffinee are taken in by toy commercials and decide they want to collect them all, but do they have the room?

Episode 10: Spaghetti Knot/Back to School Is Cool

3.0 100 x
Pinky and Mr. Guinea Pig are the best tightrope walkers at Great Big Circus that is, until their tightrope disappears; A bad hair day threatens to ruin Pinky's class picture!

Episode 11: Sporting News/Dragon's Sippy Cup

3.0 51 x
Pinky doesn't want to be part of the soccer team but still find a way to fit in; Pinky invents something to help a dragon stop spilling his drinks.

Episode 12: Legend of Twigfoot/Pinky's Rainy Day

3.0 157 x
When Tyler refuses to take a bath, he becomes so dirty that he looks more like a monster than a little boy; Pinky must save Great Big City from total mayhem when it literally rains cats and dogs.

Episode 8: Tyler to the Rescue!/Shrinky Pinky

3.0 97 x
When Pinky is captured by a giant ape, it's Tyler's turn to rescue her; Pinky shrinks herself in order to avoid a new girl at school.

Episode 9: Tyler's Too Cool Game/Come Home

3.0 40 x
Tyler misses all the fun when he refuses to stop playing his video game; When Pinky forgets about cage cleaning day, Mr. Guinea Pig runs away from home.