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Is Technology Making Us Smarter Or Dumber?

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For many people, it’s terrifying to go a day — heck, a few hours — without their smartphones. Is this unprecedented access to technology improving human intelligence, or fueling a mindless dependency? Hosted by Carlos Watson with guests Daniel Levitin, Emily Dreyfuss, Jeff Glasse, and Kathryn Finney.

Is The Us Moving Too Quickly Or T...

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How will our country will perceive gender in the future? Watch the full debate beginning Tuesday, May 24 at 11/10C. Hosted by Carlos Watson with guests Kmele Foster, Alex Myers, and iO Tillet Wright, and Dante Ramos.

Is The Us Doing More Harm Or Good In The Middle East?

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After decades of negotiation and conflict, America is still involved in the Middle East. But has our military presence—and the hundred of billions of dollars in aid—improved the situation? With no clear end in sight, we must ask: is the US doing more harm or good in the Middle East?

Should The Us Take In More Refugees Or Fewer?

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The civil war in Syria, now in its fifth year, has caused more than 4.8 million Syrians to flee the country. The US has committed to taking in 10,000 of these refugees—that’s 0.2% percent. With millions of refugee lives at stake, we must ask ourselves: should the US take in more refugees, or fewer? Hosted by Carlos Watson ...