Postcards From The Great Divide


Gibraltar May Tumble

3.0 4 x
Democrats used to be competitive in both cities and the countryside, but partisanship has changed things. It’s now getting harder and harder to find Democrats in rural areas across the US, but especially in the South. Are the partisans of Western Ke...

The Giant Still Sleeps

3.0 42 x
There is a longstanding political assumption that because of a burgeoning Latino population, Texas will one day turn purple. Oscar Del Toro, a small businessman and immigrant from Mexico and a candidate for a City Council seat in suburban Houston i...

Whatever Happened To Wisconsin Nice?

3.0 16 x
Once the poster child for bipartisan politics, Wisconsin has become an ideological battleground in recent years. What happened to the middle? Wandering around the state to find out are two former state senators--one a Republican, one a Democrat. Vis...

Post-Obama Drama

3.0 13 x
African-Americans in Florida voted in record numbers for Obama even when registration rules were tightened. What are the challenges among the black electorate that Hillary Clinton will face in this must-win state? We visit a number of African-Americ...

Million-Dollar School Board

3.0 14 x
Last year, a battle royale broke out over a local school board in Jefferson County, Colorado. A newly elected conservative majority had overturned union contracts, put in a merit system for teacher pay, and funded charter schools. The response was a...
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