Power Rangers: Super Megaforce

November 2014

Epic Season Finale

2.7 217 x
Epic Season Finale of the TV-show Power Rangers: Super Megaforce was broadcast by Nick on Tuesday 25 November 2014 at 6:00AM.

Legendary Battle

3.0 166 x
The Emperor unleashes another massive attack on Earth and nearly defeats the Rangers, but against all odd they remain defiant and are rewarded with the help of all the Legendary Rangers from years past.

The Wrath

3.0 152 x
Just when the Rangers thought they'd saved the planet, the Emperor reveals himself and launches a massive attack on Earth.

Emperor Mavro

4.3 192 x
When Emperor Mavro arrives to avenge his sons, the Red Ranger is captured and used as a bargaining chip in an effort to convince the Earth to surrender to the Armada.

Vrak is Back Part 2

4.3 190 x
With Orion kidnapped and Robo Knight turned against them, the Megaforce Rangers must do everything they can to defeat Vrak and save their friends.
October 2014

Vrak is Back Part 1

3.0 329 x
In the wake of Prince Vekar’s defeat, the Ranger find themselves face-to-face with Vrak, who returns with a new plan to destroy the world and a new robot he has programmed to fight against the Rangers: Robo Knight!

All Hail Prince Vekar

3.0 132 x
The Rangers finally battle the evil Prince Vekar face to face when he comes to Earth armed with his very own Megazord.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce DUPLICATE

3.0 140 x
Lured away from Earth to investigate an emergency signal from Corinth, the Rangers discover they've been trapped in the alternate dimension by Professor Cog, who attacks Earth in their absence.

The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer

4.3 217 x
Jake and Noah find themselves literally standing in each other’s shoes when a body-swapping monster namedTranceferer switches the two Rangers so that they are inhabiting each other’s body.
September 2014

United as One

4.6 307 x
When the Megazord is damaged in a fight against a monster who uses his staff to steal human’s happiness, Emma uses unconventional methods to defeat this unusual monster.