Private Lives of Nashville Wives

April 2014

Bless and Release

3.0 36 x
In the season finale, true feelings are finally shared, a broken heart is on the mend, and a bond forms like no other.

Long Ride Home

3.0 34 x
After a long ride home from Chicago, the ladies search for deeper meaning in their lives as Cassie looks to broaden her philanthropic horizons. Ana gets herself back in the love game, while Jenny and JT put their love to the test.

To Tell the Truth

3.0 34 x
A truth-or-dare party at Ana's sets the tone as the ladies take a rock-n-roll tour bus to Chicago for Sarah's show. The focus quickly shifts, however, when Erika loses it, and the group can't seem to get along.
March 2014

No Sad Songs

3.0 42 x
The ladies are challenged to be there for each other in times of need when Sarah shares important news with the others. Unfortunately, one of the other wives hijacks the conversation...again.

Get Out

3.0 37 x
Communication breakdowns cause rifts between friends...and lovers. Sarah sings her heart out in Cordele, Ga., but realizes that she can't control when the music just stops. Meanwhile, Cassie's husband, Gary Chapman, is back in the studio recording his first album in 10 years.

Behind Closed Doors

3.0 39 x
You never know what goes on behind closed doors, especially in Nashville, until lyrics tell the story. Infidelity is the topic of conversation at Sarah's dinner party. Erika decides to throw herself back into her acting career, but she almost kills her chances of success when she creates obstacles at her first photo shoot.

Fun Sponge

3.0 51 x
It is girls night out in Nashville, but not everyone has the same definition of fun. Erika questions whether being a stay-at-home mom is fulfilling enough now that the kids are in school, while Cassie and Gary Chapman are dying to have a child of their own...but a life-altering phone call may change everything.
February 2014

Bright Lights, Big City

3.0 79 x
Bright Lights, Big City of the TV-show Private Lives of Nashville Wives was broadcast by TNT on Tuesday 25 February 2014 at 12:02AM.

Bright Lights, Big City

3.0 41 x
Against the backdrop of The Music City, six of Nashville's most prominent women are searching for their place in Southern society.