Episode Three: A Nation Of Hypocr...

4.0 68 x
Gangsters make huge profits and wreak havoc in cities across the country. By the late 1920s, many Americans believe that Prohibition has failed. After the election of FDR in 1932, Prohibition is repealed
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Episode Two: A Nation Of Scofflaws

3.0 55 x
In 1920, Prohibition goes into effect and millions of law-abiding Americans become lawbreakers overnight. Drys had hoped Prohibition would make the country a safer place, but the law has many victims

Episode One: A Nation Of Drunkards

4.0 74 x
The story of Prohibition's rise and fall is a compelling saga that goes far beyond the oft-told tales of gangsters, flappers, and speakeasies, to reveal a complicated and divided nation in the throes of momentous transformation.

Introducing Prohibition

3.0 22 x
A quick look at Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's new film, PROHIBITION, which covered the rise and fall of the 18th Amendment.