Real World: Ex-plosion


Ep. 12 The Ex-odus

3.0 81 x
Brian hits his breaking point, and the roommates prepare to say goodbye as their relationships are tested one last time.

Ep. 11 It's Go Go Time

3.0 55 x
A reconnection between Jenny and Cory makes Brian insanely jealous and brings the two boys to blows. Jamie gets a reality check of her aggressive behavior while Arielle plans to shoot a film.

Ep. 10 Burned To Ashes

3.0 62 x
Jenna stirs up jealous feelings with Jay while Tom gives Hailey an ultimatum, Jenny plays manipulative games with Brian, and an old roommate returns.

Ep. 9 Indecent Ex-posure

3.0 61 x
Hailey's unrequited love for Tom explodes in an all-out brawl of the exes and Jay's cheating ways are exposed when Jenna discovers a video of him with another girl.

Ep. 8 Betrayed and Beatdown

3.0 84 x
After Brian cheats on Jenny, things get nasty when she seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Jamie creates drama between Jenna and Jay when she reveals a secret, and Hailey looks to find a new man.

Ep. 7 The Test

3.0 78 x
Cory and Lauren face pregnancy drama, Arielle sorts out conflicted feelings, and a wild boys night out leads to trouble for Brian.

Ep. 4 Ex-otic Encounters

3.0 84 x
**Episode Returns March 3** After several weeks of hooking up between the roommates, their exes finally arrive at the house to deliver the shock of their lives.

Ep. 3 The Departure

3.3 147 x
The volatile relationship between Jenny and Cory explodes, while Jay copes with the most devastating news of his life. When Ashley's bad behavior returns, the roommates face a tough decision.

Ep. 1 Excess Baggage

3.0 782 x
Seven strangers move into their new San Francisco house, and after an explosive the first night, two new romances spark in the house.