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Final Look Back

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After 20 years of distinctive coverage of religion on mainstream television, this is the final episode of Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly. Correspondents Kim Lawton and Lucky Severson reflect on changing themes in religion over the past 20 years and memorable stories and interviews. Also, University of Virginia Professor Vanessa Ochs reflects on some of the rituals the series has spotlighted.

Looking Back

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After 20 years of distinctive coverage of religion on mainstream television, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly is coming to an end. The series looks back at some of its most memorable reports and interviews. This week, longtime host Bob Abernethy and correspondents Fred de Sam Lazaro, Judy Valente and Tim O’Brien remember some of the many people of faith and religious leaders they have profiled.

Conflict Resolution In Public Schools

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Correspondent Judy Valente reports on Conflict Resolution Circles – practices rooted in Quaker, Mennonite and North American Indian spirituality, and how two Kansas schools use the ’circle’ method to end the revolving door of suspension and expulsion of students. Teachers say they hope the students will take the peace making skills they learn at school out into their communities.
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Religion &Amp; Ethics Newsweekly

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A decade after Hurricane Katrina and the floods that devastated New Orleans, some neighborhoods and communities have rebuilt, and many houses of worship have reopened their doors. Even though the work of restoring the city continues, religious leaders who were in New Orleans during the destruction see reasons to hope, and they reflect on the signs of rebirth that have emerged from the tragedy.