May 2014

Declaration of Independence

3.0 39 x
Series finale! While gunning for war, Miles and Monroe try to keep the peace; Neville sets his sights on President Davis; Rachel tries to save Priscilla.

Memorial Day

3.0 48 x
Monroe and Neville reunite over revenge; Charlie and Miles plot to steal the Patriots' gas; Rachel faces down the nano.


3.0 48 x
When Truman attacks Willoughby with mustard gas, Miles and Monroe mount a ruthless plot to beat the Patriots at their own game.

$#!& Happens

3.0 33 x
Miles tangles with a band of Texas Rangers while Charlie faces off against Neville.
April 2014

Austin City Limits

3.0 29 x
Jason switches teams as Miles and Monroe track the murderous cadets to Austin.
March 2014

Why We Fight

3.0 27 x
While Miles is off recruiting with Porter, Monroe pays the Patriots a surprise visit - with devastating results.

Exposition Boulevard

3.0 43 x
While the Nevilles scheme to capture Monroe, Rachel and Miles uncover the Patriots' nefarious new plan to re-educate Willoughby's youth.


3.0 26 x
Aaron wakes up in a world with power - but all is not as it seems.
January 2014

Happy Endings

3.0 34 x
Happy Endings of the TV-show Revolution was broadcast by NBC on Thursday 30 January 2014 at 10:00AM.

Happy Endings

3.0 39 x
The President tasks Neville with a deadly mission; Monroe makes a bad deal in New Vegas; the nano leads Aaron to an old friend. Bret Michaels guest stars.