Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory


Ep. 10 Best of, Bonus, and Behind-The-Scenes

3.0 54 x
It's the best of, bonus and behind-the-scenes of Fantasy Factory season 6 - all the greatest moments from the season plus never-before-seen footage.

Ep. 9 Bor Kedryd

3.0 64 x
Rob tries to break the world record for jumping a car backwards, while Big Black gets a chance to do all the things he was too heavy for as a kid.

Ep. 8 Fully Uploaded

3.0 55 x
Chanel gets "fully uploaded" by viral video master Freddie Wong, while Rob has a competition to find the perfect driver for his new "street jet."

Ep. 7 Snack Off

3.0 96 x
Big Black tries to win the golden spork on a celebrity episode of 'Snack Off,' while Big Cat trains to be an MMA fighter.

Ep. 6 Big Black's BBW Round-Up

3.0 160 x
Rob and Drama help Big Black find love, while Sterling creates his own sketch comedy show.
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