Robot & Monster


Grandma's Day Out/Spare Robot

3.0 376 x
Robot's Grandma comes for a visit, and he creates another robot to do his bidding.

Litterbug & Model Citizen

3.0 207 x
Monster becomes Robot's lawyer, and Robot becomes a model.

Doctor? No! & Monster Invention

1.5 332 x
Marf bites Robot and causes him to face his greatest fear - the doctor! Meanwhile, Monster invents the best back scratcher ever!

Security Risk & Ogo's Birthday

3.0 297 x
Robot & Monster try to fight off thieves with a high tech security system, and visit a gross sewage plant too!

Pinball Wizard & Speak Marf Speak

3.7 402 x
Monster starts playing pinball, and Marf learns to speak.
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