Save Our Business

April 2014

Not Just Bagels

3.0 54 x
A Staten Island mainstay, Not Just Bagels is a full-service bagel deli that frequently has a line out the door during the morning rush. The shop is owned and operated by Diana, an Italian woman who bakes all of her products in-house, with a lot of love and pride. When Hurricane Sandy destroyed the shop and the surrounding community, Diana and her staff worked tirelessly to reopen. But her wholesale business has plummeted, and many clients haven't returned. Desperate to make Staten Island proud,...

Wine and Roses

3.0 56 x
Wine and Roses is a full florist and liquor store located in New Milford, N.J. Owned by two brothers, Lou and Chris, this one-of-a-kind store offers customized floral arrangements, gourmet baskets and a full liquor selection.
March 2014

Far Below Retail

3.0 107 x
TNT Presents: "Save Our Business" Brothers Nate and Bryce Ball are co-owners of Far Below Retail, a discount furniture & mattress store. For years they enjoyed the high life as the furniture business was booming. But with new competitors and slowing sales, their business has started floundering, and expenses are growing. In an effort to coach them out of debt, Peter Jones steps in to provide his expertise and motivation to Nate and Bryce as they undergo a dramatic business-makeover.

Unique Vintage

3.0 53 x
British entrepreneur and millionaire Peter Jones travels to Burbank, Calif., to help Unique Vintage, an online retailer of "vintage inspired" woman's clothing and a struggling original wholesale retailer. Opened in 2002 by Katie, a mother of two who had absolutely no background in business, this chaotic warehouse suffers from both poor management and poor customer service. If things don't turn around quick, Katie will be forced to close the business for good. Peter Jones provides his expertise ...

Kingi's Kajukenbo

3.0 146 x
After more than 30 years of running a karate school in Inglewood, Calif., a father decides to hand over the family business to his son, Robert, who leaves a stable corporate job in the passing of the torch. Robert devotes himself completely to Kingi's Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute and Dance School. Determined to maintain his father's legacy while making enough money to support his growing family, Robert enlists the help of Peter Jones to provide his expertise and motivation as they undergo a...

Under the Sea

3.0 68 x
Under the Sea of the TV-show Save Our Business was broadcast by TNT on Saturday 1 March 2014 at 1:02AM.

Under the Sea

3.0 47 x
When a Woodland Hills, Calif., indoor playground area known as Under the Sea went up for sale in 2010, Yas, a mother of two looking for an opportunity to return to work, jumped at the chance to buy this kid-focused business. But with negative customer reviews and outdated equipment, this playground sits empty on most days. As Yas and her team struggle to make ends meet financially, Peter Jones steps in to provide his expertise and motivation as they undergo a dramatic business-makeover.