Secret Lives of the Super Rich

December 2017

Beverly Hills Castle & the Technicolored Rolls Royce

3.0 7 x
Enjoy the royal tour of a 28,000-square-foot castle in the middle of Beverly Hills.

The King of Malibu & the Richest Rolex

3.0 6 x
Bask in the oceanfront views at the secluded Malibu compound once owned by the king of late night TV Johnny Carson.
November 2017

Billionaire’s Isle & The Ultimate Dodgers Superfan

3.0 9 x
Take an exclusive tour of a billionaire’s ultra-luxe Hawaiian island. Meet the Dodger’s superfan who’s hoarding a collection worth $30 million.

The Priciest Mansion in Hawaii

3.0 11 x
Get an exclusive look inside a $70 million mega-home in Hawaii. Watch Floyd Mayweather’s carbon fiber supercar deliver a knockout at auction.

Sex, Gold & the LA Megahome

4.5 13 x
Take the VIP tour of a gold-covered $100 million mansion with a racy marketing video.
October 2017

Hilfiger's VIP Tour & Rich Puppies

3.0 15 x
Join Tommy Hilfiger as the iconic designer reveals the pricey personal touches inside his $50 million Plaza penthouse.

The House That Hadid Built & Luxe Lambo

3.0 25 x
Get a private tour of Mohamed Hadid’s $85 million mansion from the super-rich developer himself.

St. Moritz Ice Palace & Tommy Hilfiger’s Miami Manor

3.0 24 x
Get an exclusive look inside the $186 million mansion that’s the crown jewel of St. Moritz.

Lake Tahoe's Most Expensive Estate & World's First Luxury Jetliner

3.0 16 x
Get the grand tour of the most expensive mansion ever to hit the market on Lake Tahoe.
September 2017

Record-Shattering Mansion & Private Jet Makeover

3.0 19 x
Get a sneak peak at the $500 million mega-mansion that’s about to become the biggest and most expensive home to ever hit the market in the U.S.