Shades of Blue

August 2018

By Virtue Fall

4.3 25 x
In the gripping series finale, long-held secrets are revealed as Harlee calls a police commission in a final bid to defeat Ramsey, and Wozniak and the crew scramble to help her make her case.

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

3.0 39 x
While Cole tries to avoid Ramsey's reach, Wozniak attempts to negotiate with the cartel, and Harlee uncovers a betrayal.

Cry Havoc

3.0 5 x
Wozniak gathers the crew to make a dangerous and bold move against the intelligence unit, but an unexpected confrontation for Harlee threatens to derail the entire operation.
July 2018

Straight Through the Heart

3.0 8 x
Harlee fights a frame job after receiving more shocking news; meanwhile, as Wozniak works all angles to keep Bennett behind bars, he discovers the intelligence unit is pushing their dirt on him.

The Reckoning

3.0 8 x
Harlee and Woz race to make the charges on Bennett stick and link the intelligence unit to the cartel, while the whole crew faces the consequences of breaking the blue wall.

The Blue Wall

3.0 8 x
Harlee and Woz discover that the intelligence unit's criminal enterprises go deeper than they thought, while Ramsey uses someone close to Harlee to strike back; meanwhile, Loman makes a romantic connection, and Tufo pulls away from the crew.

A Walking Shadow

4.0 7 x
Harlee goes on the offensive against Intelligence, while the full extent of Stahl's obsession and his new plan come to light; meanwhile, Woz works with Wallace, and Espada struggles to keep secrets from Tufo.

That Way Madness Lies

3.0 6 x
Harlee starts to question her own sanity when it comes to Stahl, Woz continues to keep secrets from those closest to him, and Loman intimidates a witness.
June 2018

The Hollow Crown

3.0 11 x
When Harlee goes on the warpath after her devastating loss, Woz derails her investigation in order to protect her, but as Woz moves to settle a score of his own, Harlee forms an unlikely alliance with Cole.

Good Police

3.0 17 x
In the season premiere, Woz, cleared for duty and back on the job, is determined to reunite his crew and get revenge on Quince, while Harlee resolves to change her ways and do the right thing, even as she continues to be haunted by Stahl.