Shanks Fx


Film vs. Digital

3.0 27 x
Can you tell the difference between film and digital? Test yourself with these side-by-side comparisons. To see which cameras he used, go here:

Creating the Cosmos: Special Effects

3.0 15 x
In this episode, Filmmaker Joey Shanks reveal one of his most effective techniques, The Sheet of Glass Effect.

Giant Bubble Explosions

3.0 32 x
Learn how to create your own giant bubble wand or just sit back and watch the magic.

Star Trek Transporter Effect

3.0 28 x
Joey recreates the classic Star Trek transport effect using Christmas lights!

Magnetic Putty Magic (Original Cut)

3.0 28 x
Let yourself be mesmerized by magnificent magnetic putty.

After Effects for Stop-Motion & Timelapse Photography

3.0 33 x
Learn how to turn still images into dynamic video sequences with Adobe After Effects.

Light Painting - Text & Titles

3.0 19 x
Create your own text and titles by using Joey Shanks' light painting technique.

Reverse Motion Effects

3.0 16 x
Joey Shanks teaches one of his most intriguing special effects: reverse motion.

How to Rescue Your Camera From a Tree...

3.0 25 x
Join filmmaker Joey Shanks on his heroic quest to save his camera from the treetops...
Episodes 2012

Creating a Rocket Ship with a Propane Nozzle

3.0 50 x
Create the effect of a rocket ship jetting through outer space with a propane nozzle.