July 2018

Shark Kill Zone: The Hunt

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Sharks may be at the top of the ocean food chain, but catching a meal isn’t always straightforward or easy. Here's the top 10 shark hunting strategies!

700 Sharks

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Follow an international team of scientists in Polynesia as they study a school of 700 sharks at night, when they are most aggressive.

Big Sharks Rule

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In the waters of South Africa, giant sharks like great whites, tiger sharks, bull sharks, ragged tooth sharks, and whale sharks all reign supreme.

The Whale That Ate Jaws: New Evidence

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Now, we explore these new events and the fascinating science behind the killer whale's taste for shark meat, with some shocking revelations.

Shark Attack Experiment

3.0 3 x
From free diving in bikinis to releasing urine near great whites, one team of daring divers takes incredible risks to dispel myths about sharks.


4.0 15 x
Explore the lethal waters surrounding Alcatraz, and discover the truth behind the myth of Sharkatraz.

The Whale That Ate Jaws

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In investigating an incident where a great white shark was eaten by a killer whale, this documentary reveals a new side of the two large carnivores.

World's Deadliest: Shark Frenzy!

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The deep blue sea is a majestic place explored by many, but it also holds some of the world's deadliest apex predators: sharks!

Shark vs. Predator

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Few dare to challenge this king of the ocean, but what kinds of animals would be daring enough to take on these killing machines?