November 2014

Ep. 6 Thrilla In Wasilla (UNCENSORED)

3.7 352 x
Kelly participates in an MMA fight. At the after-party, things heat up between Kelly and Sierra. Kelly worries about the repercussions. A wager amongst the group results in the gang going naked snowboarding.

Ep. 7 Hell Week (UNCENSORED)

3.0 142 x
Tosca tries to move on from Trevor by going out with the girls. Trevor and Kelly must endure Hell week at the airboat shop in order to borrow airboats for a weekend of water skipping and glacier fun.

Amber's Fight Conclusion | Sneak Peek

3.0 74 x
Amber's fight with a guest at the season breakup party is resolved.

Ep. 4 Roommate Romp (UNCENSORED)

2.0 283 x
Amber and Zeke struggle with their mutual attraction and things get out of hand at a hot tub party. Kelly and Dylan compete in Alaskan Roulette to see who gets the better bedroom in their new house.

Ep. 5 Breakup Season Party (UNCENSORED)

3.0 137 x
Dylan encourages Kelly to get back to MMA fighting and trains him. A party to celebrate spring gets intense when Amber is involved in a fight and Zeke rescues her.
October 2014

Ep. 3 Operation Revenge (UNCENSORED)

3.0 184 x
When Sierra steals Kelly's shoes, he retaliates with Trevor and Zeke's help. Sierra and Tosca get into it when Tosca defends Trevor. The girls, including a reluctant Jackie participate in a Wild Women of Alaska photoshoot.

Ep. 2 Turn Down For Zeke (UNCENSORED)

4.0 249 x
When Zeke needs some money, he turns to go-go dancer Dylan for advice and instruction. Trevor challenges Dylan in Alaskan Tug O' War, and the loser has to wear a dress. Sierra has a physical altercation with Kelly and Tosca at a club.

Ep. 1 Wash Away Your Sins

3.0 103 x
Ep. 1 Wash Away Your Sins of the TV-show Slednecks was broadcast by MTV on Monday 27 October 2014 at 4:45AM.

Polar Plunge | Sneak Peek

3.0 69 x
The Slednecks gang goes for a refreshing 12 degree water.

Ep. 1 Wash Away Your Sins (UNCENSORED)

3.3 302 x
Kelly and Sierra have friction over Kelly's bad behavior at Jackie's birthday party. The gang does uniquely Alaskan outdoor sports in extreme temperatures.