June 2015


Expired 3.0 77 x
Clark inadvertently witnesses the robbery of a LuthorCorp truck carrying kryptonite and is stunned to realize that he can't stop the thieves--they are as strong as he is. To keep Clark from telling the police, the thugs attack Jonathan and Martha, leaving Clark feeling powerless and desperate for a way to protect his paren...


Expired 3.0 178 x
After Lana is almost assaulted by a college student, Clark loses control and injures him. The Kents are then sued for punitive damages that could cost them the farm, and Clark questions his powers--while trying to find a way to forestall the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Helen's ex-boyfriend arrives in town intent on winning her bac...


Expired 3.0 35 x
After his schoolmate, Cyrus Krupp (JEREMY LELLIOTT), claims to be an alien and seemingly proves it by using heat vision, Clark investigates and begins to believe that the boy is from Clark's home planet, Krypton. Meanwhile, when Helen (recurring guest star EMMANUELLE VAUGIER) discovers a locked room in the Luthor mansion, ...


Expired 3.0 207 x
Determined to find out where he came from, Clark travels to New York to meet Dr. Virgil Swann (CHRISTOPHER REEVE - "Superman" movies), a brilliant scientist who possesses a message for Clark from his home planet. Meanwhile, Lana decides to move out of Chloe's house--and into the Luthor Mansion--after the two girls get into...
April 2015


Expired 3.0 59 x
When Clark tries to warn Lana and Chloe about Ian (JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS - "Home Improvement," "Wild America"), an overachieving student who is surreptitiously dating both girls, they accuse Clark of jealousy. But Lana and Chloe realize too late that Clark was right. Meanwhile, frustration with his father causes Lex to be...


Expired 3.5 50 x
Clark tests the limits of his powers to save his young telepathic friend, Ryan (recurring guest star RYAN KELLEY), from an evil doctor who wants to control the boy's abilities. Meanwhile, Lana's aunt and guardian, Nell (recurring guest star SARAH-JANE REDMOND), tells Lana that she plans to move the family to Metropolis.


Expired 3.0 54 x
A mysterious woman, Rachel Dunlevy (BLAIR BROWN - "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd"), visits the Kents and claims to be Clark's mother, prompting them to finally tell Clark what happened after they discovered him in the cornfield that fateful day. Clark learns why his father hates the Luthors, how his adoption was arrang...


Expired 3.0 54 x
Because the farm is in financial trouble, Martha asks her estranged father, William Clark (GEORGE COE), for help. Clark is thrilled at the prospect of meeting his grandfather, but Clark's forced reunion doesn't go as planned because of an argument between Jonathan and William. Meanwhile, Lana discovers an old photograph th...


Expired 1.5 56 x
Clark becomes concerned when a mysterious poet, Byron Moore (SEAN FARIS), leaves love notes for Lana at her parents' grave. Clark warns her to stay away from Byron, but she is intrigued. After a mishap, Clark and Lana befriend the elusive boy and find out that he sneaks out of his house, where his parents keep him locked u...


Expired 3.0 69 x
When the school unwittingly uses red meteor rocks in its class rings, Clark experiences a new meteorite effect: Stunning his friends and family, he becomes a rebellious and dangerous teenager who uses his powers for malevolence instead of good. Jonathan and Martha scramble to find an explanation for Clark's behavior before...