Ep. 17 MealBreakers and Donuts

3.0 50 x
Three amateur chefs try to win the golden spork on the season finale of 'Snack-Off.'

Ep. 14 Grandma's House and Corn Nuts

3.0 73 x
Three amateur chefs try to create epic late night snacks.

Ep. 13 Sugar High and Marshmallows

3.0 58 x
Three contestants race the clock to make munchies out of what's left in the kitchen.

Ep. 12 Celebrity Snack-Off and Butterfinger

3.0 140 x
John Legend, Big Black and Melanie Iglesias compete in a special episode of Snack-Off.

Ep. 13 | Sneak Peek

3.0 39 x
See what's in store on the next episode of Snack-Off!

Ep. 3 Full Episode

3.3 341 x
Three contestants raid the kitchen in hopes of winning the golden spork.

Ep. 2 Full Episode

4.0 161 x
Ep. 2 Full Episode of the TV-show Snack-Off was broadcast by MTV on Tuesday 15 July 2014 at 9:51AM.

Ep. 1 Full Episode

3.3 167 x
The contestants whip up meals in hopes of winning the Golden Spork.