Snake City: Bites Back

November 2018

Hazardous Conditions

4.0 15 x
Get behind the scenes with fun factoids on Snake City as a snake puts an office on lockdown and a deadly black mamba vanishes into a scrapyard.

When Mambas Fly

4.0 4 x
Get behind the scenes facts as streetwise snake-catcher Simon Keys hunts down the world’s deadliest snake in a cluttered kitchen and gets a face full of cobra venom.

Mamba in a Wood Stack

4.0 10 x
Behind-the-scenes facts with high-octane snake catchers Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett as they catch a deadly black mamba, a spitting cobra and a huge forest cobra.
October 2018

Slither from Below

3.0 13 x
Get behind the scenes facts with our favorite snake catchers. Simon swims with Africa’s largest cobra and partner Siouxsie captures an unwelcome wedding crasher.