Snake Salvation


Copperheads! Copperheads! Everywhere!

3.0 46 x
Pastor Andrew goes snake hunting to prepare for an outdoor service.
Episodes 2013

Massive Timber Rattler

3.0 78 x
Pastor Andrew waits for the right time to handle a big timber rattlesnake in church.

Two Copperheads and a Black Rattler

3.0 66 x
Pastor Andrew hunts for snakes in a spot that reminds him of his darker past.

Baby Rattlers

3.0 40 x
Pastor Jamie and Big Cody get baby rattlers ready to sell at Repticon.


3.0 42 x
Pastors Andrew and Jamie attend Repticon looking to buy venomous snakes.

Debt to be Paid

3.0 33 x
Pastor Jamie discusses finances with his wife Linda.