Snooki & JWOWW


Ep. 2 That's Not Very Namaste of You

3.0 48 x
The girls try to relax with pre-natal yoga while Jionni is tormented by Lorenzo's "terrible twos". Snooki throws JWoww a surprise baby shower and serves up some disturbing cakes.

Ep. 1 We're Back--And We're Pregnant!

3.0 30 x
The final season kicks off with a bang when the BFFs become neighbors, have nanny try-outs, and the boys head off to Daddy Boot Camp.

Finale Special

3.0 62 x
The couples play the "Not Yet Wed" game with host Jessimae and answer questions about unmanly habbits, stripper names, and the grossest things they do.

Ep. 12 My Baby is Growing Up!

3.0 44 x
Snooki & Jionni throw a pirate adventure birthday for Lorenzo, Jenni & Roger have their last therapy session, and the couples reflect on their amazing summer together.

Ep. 11 Couples Weekend

3.0 56 x
Nicole & Jenni invite their old Jersey Shore roommates over for a couples slumber party and BBQ where they catch up on life, kids and marriage plans.

Ep. 10 What A Drag!

3.0 78 x
Snooki & JWOWW throw a "Gay Joey" night and invite over Drag Queen Miss Fame to help them dress the part. Nicole finds out the results of her DNA test.
Episodes 2013

Ep. 9 Welcome to the Dude Ranch!

3.0 63 x
Nicole, Jionni, Jenni, and Roger take a romantic vacation to the Dude Ranch where they deal with spiders, chase pigs, ride horses, and have a fish off.

Ep. 8 Oui Can Cook!

3.0 107 x
Snooki takes a DNA test, the girls participate in a dog washing charity, and the boys prepare a romantic French dinner for the girls.

Ep. 7 Baby Boot Camp

3.0 53 x
Jenni and Roger are put to the test in a Baby Boot Camp, Roger and Jionni try out their building skills, and Nicole talks about her adoption.

Ep. 6 Let The Planning Begin!

3.0 51 x
Nicole finally meets with a wedding planner, Roger & Jenni check out an adoption fair, and Nicole & Jionni see their new home's construction site.