Sonic Boom

December 2014


3.0 94 x
Eggheads of the TV-show Sonic Boom was broadcast by Cartoon Network on Saturday 6 December 2014 at 6:43PM.


3.0 107 x
Eggman turns Amy, Sticks, Tails, and Knuckles into evil clones of himself. Sonic must figure out how to restore them even as they attack him.
November 2014

Double Doomsday

3.0 135 x
Dr. Eggman hires an intern who turns out to be a bit unstable. He commandeers Eggman's doomsday device and is going to set it off. Not to be outdone, Eggman begins building a competing doomsday device. Sonic and Tails step in to avoid disaster.

My Fair Sticksy

3.0 142 x
When Sticks is invited to a fancy gala she admits that she doesn't know how to behave in polite society. Amy teaches her to be a lady.

Translate This

3.0 31 x
Tails builds a translation robot that inadvertently reveals the subtext of what everyone is saying. This leads to disagreements and fighting among Sonic and friends.

The Sidekick

3.0 212 x
During a particularly dangerous encounter with Eggman, Tails is injured. Sonic decides that being his sidekick is too dangerous for Tails and fires him. Auditions are held for a new sidekick. Eggman applies for the job.