Spot It

January 2014

Gotta Spot It Recap

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Spoiler Alert! We've summed up all the weirdest moments in 60 speedy seconds! (Okay 63 seconds...)

Hint #6

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This Saturday, a special guest will "ding dong" at Sam & Cat's door! Here's a hint to help you find out who's stopping by!

Can You Spot Him?

3.0 107 x
We've hidden this guy all around New York, think you can spot him?

Hint #5

3.0 80 x
This Saturday, the Thundermans get flipped upside down! Here's a hint to help you set things straight!

Gotta Spot It: Saturday @ 8pm!

3.3 220 x
There's secret stuff hidden in three brand new premieres, so watch all night and play along, Saturday starting at 8pm!

Gotta Spot It: Hint #3

3.0 112 x
This Saturday, keep your eyes Peeled for the letter P on Thundermans!  Here's a few hints on crazy stuff you can find!

Gotta Spot It: Hint #4

3.0 39 x
This Saturday, things might get beard...or "weird" on Haunted Hathaways!  Here's a quick hint to help you spot more fun stuff!

Gotta Spot It Hints

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Check out these Gotta Spot It hints from some of your favorite Nick stars!

Hint #2

3.0 98 x
This Saturday, "S" marks the spot in Haunted Hathaways!  Here's a few hints on wacky stuff to find!

Hint #1

3.0 69 x
There's a hidden new character in Sam & Cat this Saturday!  Here's a few hints on where to spot him!