Thirty Days to Famous

4.0 5 x
Noah’s substance use jeopardizes his relationships with the people who care about him most and Simone and Angel’s relationship faces the biggest test yet.

Mrs. Rivera

Expired 3.0 3 x
While Alex and Noah go to an important event together, Alex separates from Noah to spend some time with DJ Dash.

Take It or Leave It

Expired 4.0 2 x
Maurice is presented with a task to help redeem himself, but is faced with an ultimatum that may cause even more drama for the Midtown Sound artists.

Let the Good Times Roll

Expired 4.0 3 x
The Midtown Sound artists prepare for a performance for the Pride Parade held in New Orleans, but a certain safety concern forces them on lockdown.

After the Set, It's the Afterparty

Expired 4.0 2 x
Maurice asks an old friend as a regional promoter to help increase the awareness of Midtown Sound's artists, who become engrossed in jealousy.

Forward (E)Motion

Expired 3.0 5 x
Major competition ensues between Take 3 and Noah Brooks when they fight for a coveted track produced by one of the industry’s hottest producers.

The Winner Takes It All

4.0 4 x
Star is determined to let the group know their album still has a release date.
Episodes 2017


Expired 4.0 5 x
Star is troubled as she deals with the aftermath of Hunter’s actions, while Derek and Alex struggle to make an important decision about their future.


4.0 19 x
Showtime of the TV-show Star was broadcast by FOX on Wednesday 15 March 2017 at 8:10AM.

Saving Face

3.0 21 x
Saving Face of the TV-show Star was broadcast by FOX on Wednesday 8 March 2017 at 9:10AM.