State of Play


Game Of Borders

3.0 12 x
In the complex political and war zone of the Middle East, the Palestine national football team keeps playing amid conflict and chaos. Should these football players take the field if the stakes are as high as life and death? Or do these athletes prov...

Inherent Violence

4.0 40 x
Is it possible that violence is an inherent part of sports? This documentary film explores combat sports through two unique father-son relationships, a 33-year-old American professional MMA fighter combat training his 10-year-old son, and in Florenc...

First Ladies

3.0 192 x
This edition examines the challenges of a modern marriage through a sports lens as it focuses on three sports couples whose vows shape their decisions on and off the field.


3.0 34 x
This intimate edition of 'State of Play' follows two men who were paralyzed playing the sports that they love. Their struggle--and that of their family--to accept a new life of physical limitations is a raw humbling portrait of endurance and love.

Culture Shock

3.0 72 x
In this installment in the "State of Play" series, acclaimed filmmaker Peter Berg trains his sights on the most successful professional sports organization in America: the National Football League. Many issues confront the sport, particularly the ch...
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