State of Play


First Ladies

3.0 205 x
This edition examines the challenges of a modern marriage through a sports lens as it focuses on three sports couples whose vows shape their decisions on and off the field.


3.0 41 x
This intimate edition of 'State of Play' follows two men who were paralyzed playing the sports that they love. Their struggle--and that of their family--to accept a new life of physical limitations is a raw humbling portrait of endurance and love.

Culture Shock

3.0 86 x
In this installment in the "State of Play" series, acclaimed filmmaker Peter Berg trains his sights on the most successful professional sports organization in America: the National Football League. Many issues confront the sport, particularly the challenge of making the game safer.


4.0 400 x
NFL players seem to have it all; yet when they retire, many experience depression and financial trouble. Through the lens of a new science, this edition of "State of Play" follows NFL legend Brett Favre and two other extraordinary players as they search for happiness after leaving the sport they love.