Street Outlaws

March 2020

Season 15, Episode 102 - The Aftermath

4.0 10 x
The dust has settled after the epic matchup between MSO and NOLA. But with the race still fresh on his mind, JJ gathers some of the fastest teams in America to discuss performance, strategy and if there will be another Fastest in America battle.

Season 15, Episode 16 - Memphis vs. NOLA: Winner Takes All

3.0 3 x
Memphis vs. NOLA: When an MSO racer runs off the road, the teams barrel into Round 2 knowing any mistake can be deadly. JJ and Kye Kelley fight to get control and win $100,000 and the title of Fastest in America.

Season 15, Episode 15 - Memphis vs. NOLA: 100 Grand Stand

3.0 2 x
Memphis vs. NOLA: The final matchup is on, with $100,000 at stake. Kye Kelley's NOLA team is riding high after defeating Detroit, but JJ and the MSO won't be intimidated. Both teams are tested to their limits when they face off outside of Las Vegas.

Season 15, Episode 13 - NOLA vs. Detroit: Battle of the Heavyweights

4.0 1 x
After weeks of racing, only Detroit and NOLA remain fighting for a chance to race Memphis for $100,000. Chucky plans to keep Kye in the rearview with a new strategy to take the lead, while Kye is confident his heavy hitters can take out team Detroit.

Season 15, Episode 14 - NOLA vs. Detroit: Dominate or Go Home

4.0 1 x
Teams NOLA and Detroit move into the second round of the final battle to see who will race Memphis for $100,000. Chucky Davis tries to dominate the night, while Kye Kelley makes a risky decision that could send his team home.
February 2020

Season 15, Episode 12 - Too Much Power

3.0 3 x
The fast-paced feud between Detroit and South Carolina continues and Motor City brings more power than their cars can handle. Block's team tries to take advantage of Detroit's mistake, and the race comes down to the wire.

Season 15, Episode 11 - Big, Bad Block

4.0 2 x
The second match of round two pits Chucky and his team from Detroit against Chris Block and his South Carolina racers. Tensions have been mounting since the duo's scuffle at the last chip draw, and the $100,000 pot is fanning the flames.

Season 15, Episode 10 - The Takedown

4.0 1 x
In the second round, Chris Rankin and the Northeast face off against Kye Kelley and his New Orleans' crew. The North won't be counted out yet, but they'll need to dig deep to outrun and outgun the South.

Season 15, Episode 9 - The Final Four

3.0 2 x
Only four teams have survived to the second round of the biggest street race in history. Street-smart Chris Rankin and his Northeast crew go head-to-head against upstart Kye Kelley and his New Orleans' crew.

Season 15, Episode 8 - Move Over, Motor City

3.0 3 x
The final match rages on between the racers from Mississippi and the big-mouth, bigger-horsepower team from Detroit. The Motor City boys think the win is in the bag, but a surprise comeback from Richard McCarver keeps the South in the game.