Sullivan & Son

September 2014

You, Me and Gary

Expired 3.0 36 x
After the kiss, Melanie and Steve want to keep their new thing quiet, but Melanie's nosy neighbor Gary (John Michael Higgins) isn't one to keep secrets.

A Kiss Is Never Just a Kiss

Expired 3.0 52 x
Steve goes all out to impress an exciting new woman, with the help of Melanie. Meanwhile, Hank's doctor prescribes him testosterone, but a mishap leads to a "juiced up" Hank.
August 2014

Sullivan's Travels

Expired 2.5 120 x
When Steve laments that he never gets time off from the bar, Jack shows him what life would have been like if he had checked out at crucial points in the gang's life, and it's not pretty.

The Monkey Plate

Expired 3.0 83 x
Steve and Susan try to throw the perfect celebration for Ok Cha's birthday, but the arrival of Cousin Jenny (Margaret Cho) brings up an old family feud over a monkey plate. Meanwhile, Roy has once-in-a-lifetime field passes to a game, and Owen and Ahmed compete for the extra pass.


Expired 3.0 103 x
When the guys decide to go into the beer brewing business together, Steve is reluctant to get involved due to his dad's advice to never mix business with friendship. Meanwhile, the ladies get some much needed "girl time" away from the bar and end up sharing some interesting secrets.

Hank Goes Black

Expired 3.0 155 x
Opposites attract when Roy's mom (Loretta Devine) moves back to town, and she starts dating Hank. Meanwhile, a girl gets in the way of Owen and Ahmed's friendship.
July 2014

Open Mic Night

Expired 3.0 145 x
When Steve wants to have an Open Mic night at the bar to get on the Hot List in The Pittsburgh Reader, Susan discovers she has a new talent -- and it involves making fun of Ok Cha. But when Open Mic night goes awry, Steve brings in Carol and Owen (and their inappropriate act) to save the day.

Lyle & Son

4.0 236 x
When Steve's old rival, Lyle Winkler (Billy Gardell) opens a bar across the street, we find out he's out to take Steve down as payback for a childhood wrestling match. They settle their differences with a big bartending competition. Meanwhile, Carol's new boss at the DMV, Ralph (Frank Caliendo) drives her crazy with impres...

Luck of the Half-Irish

3.8 215 x
After a visit from NASCAR superstar Brad Keselowski, who finally breaks his losing streak, Ok Cha declares one of the bar stools to be lucky. All the gang benefits from this "luck" until Steve breaks the stool, and the bar turns on him.

Sexual Healing

3.0 130 x
When "sex addict" Neal (guest star Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory) returns to Sullivan and Son to make amends for his philandering ways, Steve doesn't trust his motives, especially with Melanie.