November 2019

Confidence Women (Season 5, Episode 506)

3.0 1 x
While a new villain is under arrest at the DEO, Supergirl uses him to try and understand who is responsible for the recent attacks.

First Five Trailer (Season 5, Episode 505)

4.0 1 x
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Dangerous Liaisons (Season 5, Episode 505)

4.0 1 x
On the eve of the worldwide launch of Andrea Rojas's VR contact lenses, Kara and William team up on an investigation that exposes a terrorist plot.
October 2019

In Plain Sight (Season 5, Episode 504)

4.0 3 x
Kara's investigation into William Dey's "criminal" activities results in the shocking revelation he is not who she thinks.

Blurred Lines (Season 5, Episode 503)

3.0 2 x
Kara attempts to mend her relationship with Lena.

Stranger Beside Me (Season 5, Episode 502)

4.0 3 x
Supergirl, Alex, and Brainiac thwart an alien attack while William investigates Kara.

Event Horizon (Season 5, Episode 501)

4.0 5 x
Kara is surprised to find that CatCo has a new owner who has brought in a star reporter.
September 2019

Event Horizon Teaser (Season 5, Episode 501)

4.0 0 x
Supergirl premieres Sunday, October 6. Stream free next day only on The CW App!
July 2019

The Quest for Peace (Season 4, Episode 422)

4.0 7 x
Lex Luthor (guest star Jon Cryer) descends upon Washington, DC and summons Lena (Katie McGrath) and Lillian Luthor (guest star Brenda Strong) to the White House.
November 2018

Rather The Fallen Angel Trailer (Season 4, Episode 407)

3.0 25 x
Rather The Fallen Angel Trailer (Season 4, Episode 407) of the TV-show Supergirl was broadcast by The CW on Monday 19 November 2018 at 2:54AM.