Express Your Body

3.0 75 x
Look at ways in which people change their appearance including a woman with 96% of her body tattooed, and pierced, a woman with a 15-inch waist, and a man undergoing a buttock implant. TABOO is presented by National Geographic Channel.

New Shades of Sex

3.0 192 x
Explore the ways in which people around the globe address intimacy issues including a man whose partner is a silicone doll, a marriage consisting of three people, and a sex surrogate. TABOO is presented by National Geographic Channel.

Snake Venom

3.0 84 x
Snake Venom of the TV-show Taboo was broadcasted by National Geographic on Monday 19 August 2013 at 9:58AM.

Beyond the Body

3.0 73 x
Some are not satisfied with the body they are born with; some search for truth and understanding in ways that are almost non-human.

Limb Lengthening

3.0 89 x
A doctor is taking his patients to great new heights by breaking their legs.
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