Talia in the Kitchen

December 2015

Spice Island Pt.2

4.0 311 x
With time running out, Talia and Tyson get lost while looking for the spices. And Valerie realizes they have been double-crossed.

Spice Island Pt.1

3.0 172 x
Talia and the gang take a road trip to harvest magic spices. But Michael is able to track their movements thanks to a traitor in their group.

Cooking it Cool

3.0 174 x
Talia and Jayden get locked in the food truck and start to question their desire to battle each other.

Fly Food

1.5 193 x
Talia prepares for the upcoming spice battle against Jayden while Julie and Rocky try to help her get more spices.

Fish Perfect

3.0 172 x
Talia helps out Vinnie’s family after it’s discovered he has been stealing food from Lola’s. Frenchie and Debbie plan a beach day to distract Tyson from his jealousy over Jayden and Talia.

Brothers Grubb

3.0 195 x
As the relationship between Talia and Chef Garcia worsens, Tyson is forced to take matters into his own hands. Dolores learns that Talia must battle Jayden for the right to stay in Miami. Guest Star: Lorena Garcia

Rice to the Occasion

3.0 212 x
Tyson warns Jayden to stay away from Talia. Talia finds an unexpected ally at Lola’s. The identity of the mystery investor is revealed. Guest Star: Lorena Garcia

Yolo FroYo

3.0 186 x
Talia confronts Jayden about being a SpiceMaster. And Jayden serves magically spiced food to the entire dance.

Food Fighters

3.0 178 x
Jayden uses his spices to make Tyson fight with Talia – and then asks Talia to the school dance. Talia realizes there is another SpiceMaster in Miami.

Food Meddle Jacket

3.0 155 x
Talia is not happy about all of the changes at Lola’s. Jayden uses a fighting spice formula on Talia and her friends in order to get what he wants.