Teen Mom 2


Being Barbara

3.0 91 x
While Barbara fights to do what is best for Jace, Barbara also wants to find companionship. After four years of the single life, Barbara sets out to find someone to share in wine, laughter, and love.

Season 7 Unseen Moments

3.0 35 x
Nessa and the moms dish on never-before-seen moments and take a trip down memory lane with each of their children.

Season 7 Finale Special - Check Up with Dr. Drew Part 2

3.0 20 x
In part two, Adam threatens to leave the show as Chelsea tries to confront him over spending time with Aubree. Kailyn and Javi open up about their marital issues during an emotional discussion about divorce.
Episodes 2014

Unseen Moments Special

3.0 43 x
Dr. Drew and the girls dish on never-before-seen moments and give viewers a special behind the scenes look at Teen Mom 2.

Ep. 24 Wish You Were Here

2.0 42 x
Leah and Corey face each other in court. Kailyn and Javi adjust to life without Isaac. Chelsea deals with another of Adam's arrests. Jenelle tries to build a family for both Jace and Kaiser.

Ep. 23 Co-parenthood

3.0 60 x
Jenelle's second son, Kaiser, is born. Leah discovers that Corey wants full custody of the girls. Kailyn gets emotional when Isaac leaves for summer visitation with Jo. Adam's ex reenters the picture, shocking Chelsea.

Ep. 21 Cabin Fever

3.0 144 x
Jenelle and Barbara butt heads over Jace's behavioral issues, Kailyn struggles with two cranky kids, Leah takes Corey to court, and Chelsea hears about Adam's new girlfriend.

Ep. 18 I'll Be Missing You

3.0 59 x
Leah and Jeremy visit Ali's specialist, Jenelle and Nathan reunite, Chelsea hears news about her job, and Kailyn struggles with loneliness.

Ep. 15 When Everything Seems Wrong

4.0 160 x
Jenelle deals with Nathan's upcoming jail time, Chelsea moves into her new house, Isaac's birthday arrives, and Leah struggles to balance work and family life.

Ep. 14 Full Episode

3.0 120 x
Jenelle finds out her baby's gender, Leah deals with Ali's awareness of her condition, Kailyn struggles with her marriage, and Chelsea gets unexpected news.