Teen Mom 3

November 2013

Finale Special - Check Up with Dr. Drew

3.0 85 x
Dr. Drew sits down with the moms from Teen Mom 3 to recap on their stories and catch up on their lives today.

Ep. 13 For Better or Worse

3.0 231 x
Katie tries to celebrate Molli's first birthday with Joey, Briana surprisingly reaches out to Devoin, Alex tries to co-parent with Matt, and Mackenzie has another fallout with Josh.

Unseen Moments

3.0 79 x
Dr. Drew reveals Katie, Briana, Mackenzie and Alex's unseen moments that didn't air this season.

Ep. 12 Taking Chances

3.0 51 x
Briana pursues a secret relationship, Alex celebrates Arabella's first birthday, Katie lets Joey take care of Molli for the weekend, and Mackenzie invites Josh on a family outing.
October 2013

Ep. 11 The Truth Hurts

3.0 57 x
Josh makes a move to get back with Mackenzie, Briana's family pressures her against dating, Alex has a much needed night out, and Katie is stunned by how quickly Joey has moved on.

Ep. 10 Strike Out Alone

3.0 69 x
Briana celebrates her birthday, Alex starts dating again, Mackenzie goes camping to take her mind off Josh, and Katie's relationship reaches a breaking point.