The Blacklist

February 2019

The Ethicist

3.0 16 x
When Red is sent to a federal medical institution following his request to the court for a psychiatric evaluation, Liz and Jennifer use his time away to search for a Blacklister they believe may have valuable information about Red's past.

Alter Ego

4.0 20 x
When one of his important financial backers dies under suspicious circumstances, Red puts Liz and the task force on the case. Meanwhile, Red represents himself in a critical court hearing.
January 2019

The Pawnbrokers

3.0 25 x
While Liz and the Task Force track two pawnbrokers fronting large quantities of cash to criminal enterprises, Red establishes himself in prison and confronts an old adversary. Dorothy Lyman, Donna Murphy and Fiona Dourif guest star.

The Pharmacist

4.0 17 x
While Red is busy representing himself in court, he puts Liz and the task force on the trail of a renegade doctor and biohacker targeting desperate patients.

The Corsican

4.0 26 x
In Part 2 of the season premiere, Liz and the task force race to stop an imminent bombing by an elusive Blacklister, and Red has an encounter that changes the trajectory of his life forever.

Dr. Hans Koehler

Expired 3.0 13 x
In Part 1 of the season premiere, Liz and her sister, Jennifer, secretly investigate the night the real Raymond Reddington died, while Red puts the task force on the case of a doctor who changes criminals' identities through plastic surgery.
May 2018

Sutton Ross (#17)

Expired 3.0 35 x
In the season finale, Red and Liz face off against each other in a race to find the Blacklister who has taken possession of the duffel bag of bones, forcing the truth about the bones to finally come to light.

Lawrence Dean Devlin (#26)

Expired 3.0 9 x
Aram and the task force race against the clock to rescue Samar, who has been kidnapped by a twisted Blacklister; meanwhile, Red heads to Costa Rica to prevent his duffel bag of bones from being sold at an underground auction. Bob Gunton guest stars.

Nicholas T. Moore (#110)

Expired 3.0 15 x
Liz and the task force investigate the mysterious appearance of an unidentified young girl whom Liz believes is connected to Red's secret, while Red pursues every means at his disposal to locate the duffel bag of bones.
April 2018

Ian Garvey (#13): Conclusion

Expired 4.0 10 x
As Red moves to finally retrieve the duffel bag of bones from Garvey, Liz uses intel from an unexpected source to force a race with Red to uncover the secret Garvey holds.