The Briefcase

June 2015


3.0 149 x
The Moyas and the Vendely-Salgados face the decision of planning for their own family's future or sharing the money, even though they have very different views and lifestyles. (TV-PG D, L)


3.0 58 x
Robert and Lucy Owens discover secrets about each other's finances while they face repaying huge student loans, and the Aponte-Kassimatis family is in danger of losing the home they need to restore for a second time following damage from a storm. (TV-PG L)


3.0 47 x
The Matas from Boyle Heights, Calif. and the Melansons from Hingham, Mass. face a difficult decision when they see similarities within each other's families and must decide whether to invest the money in their own children and homes or share with the other family. (TV-PG)


3.0 47 x
Both the Wylie and Bailey-Stewart families share a strong belief in community service and charity when they are faced with the same decision of whether to plan for their own future or help the other family. (TV-PG D)


3.0 49 x
When presented with a large sum of money and a life-changing decision, the Scott family from Mechanicsville, Maryland struggles with the choice of keeping the money to ensure they have the funds needed to adopt a child, or helping the Musolinos. The Musolino family from Fuqua Varina, N.C. spends most of the year in differe...
May 2015


3.0 37 x
Emotions run high when the Bergin Family from Matthews, N.C. and the Bronson Family from Manchester, N.H. are presented with a life-changing amount of money and a huge decision - to keep, give or share it with the other family. Initially, they think their choice will be straightforward, but after learning about each other ...