The Carrie Diaries

September 2014

Under Pressure (Season 2, Ep. 9)

3.0 69 x
Larissa gives Carrie some harsh advice about her relationship with Sebastian.

Date Expectations (Season 2, Ep. 10)

3.0 60 x
Walt and Bennet get some devastating news that forever changes their future.

Hungry Like the Wolf (Season 2, Ep. 11)

3.0 44 x
When Bennet starts slacking at work, Carrie tries to cover for him. However, when Larissa finds out, things backfire big time for them both.

This is the Time (Season 2, Ep. 12)

3.0 68 x
Carrie, Mouse, Maggie, and Walt decide to go to their senior prom – at The Waldorf Astoria – together for a final hurrah.

Run to You (Season 2, Ep. 13)

3.0 54 x
Things grow increasingly tense between Carrie and Tom. When Larissa drops an unexpected bomb on Carrie, Sebastian decides he, too, needs to come clean about something.
January 2014

The Safety Dance (Season 2, Ep. 6)

3.0 101 x
When Carrie struggles with writer's block, Weaver tries to help but gets in the way.
December 2013

The Second Time Around (Season 2, Ep. 8)

3.0 49 x
The Second Time Around (Season 2, Ep. 8) of the TV-show The Carrie Diaries was broadcast by The CW on Friday 20 December 2013 at 2:47PM.

The Second Time Around (Season 2, Ep. 8)

3.0 68 x
Carrie is delighted when she gets the chance to interview the CEO of Bongo Jeans - but the pressure is on when Larissa tells Carrie that this is her last chance to land a piece in Interview magazine.

Strings Attached (Season 2, Ep. 3)

3.0 98 x
Larissa returns from her summer in Kyoto and insists on taking Carrie and Walt to a fabulous Japanese festival in the city, where Larissa meets Samantha, with an explosive result.

I Heard a Rumor (Season 2, Ep. 7)

3.0 61 x
Carrie is shocked when she reads a nasty rumor about her in a New York City gossip rag, but Samantha has a plan to set the record straight.