The Challenge: Free Agents

June 2014

Ep. 12 A Walk In The Clouds

3.6 578 x
The final six competitors face brutal conditions and are pushed to their limits in a race to summit an active volcano and take home the $350,000 prize.

Ep. 12, Reunion

3.0 273 x
Can Laurel and Cara Maria ever mend their friendship? Will Bananas school Jordan on earning his stripes? And just who will Cohutta be asking to prom? Plus some hilarious unseen stories, new rivalries, and more.

Ep. 11 The $350,000 Pyramid

3.0 762 x
The eight remaining players travel to Chile and are subjected to one last elimination twist.

Ep. 10 Talk to the Hand

1.5 338 x
The winners of this week's challenge face a difficult decision voting and the result of the Draw pits two tough females against each other in an epic elimination round.
April 2014

Ep. 1 Live Free or Die

4.3 2,462 x
28 competitors arrive in South America and are shocked to learn that the challenge will be an individual game, forcing players to ditch their usual strategies and fear for what's ahead.