The Challenge: Rivals III

August 2016


2.5 291 x
The cast sits down with Nessa to discuss of the most controversial Challenge finales ever.

Split Decision

4.0 183 x
In the season finale of Rivals III, an unexpected twist adds to the stakes of the Final Challenge and the remaining Challengers must go all in for their chance at the biggest prize money in Challenge history.
July 2016

Grapes. Wrath.

3.0 187 x
One final elimination, left to the hand of fate, will decide which three pairs will make their way to the Final Challenge with an unprecedented, jaw-dropping surprise.

Mucho Mas - Rivals

3.0 50 x
Cousins Nany and Nicole discuss how the pressures of the game wounded their relationship. Sarah and Bananas reveal how they went from bitter rivals to best friends.

Raging Bullies

3.0 186 x
As the Final Challenge draws closer, the rivals must work hand-in-hand in their last Mexican challenge to avoid elimination before jet setting off to Mendoza, Argentina.

Best Moments Ever

3.5 122 x
Veteran players look back the scariest, sexiest, and funniest moments in Challenge history.

Rivals: Civil War

3.0 180 x
When two teams are sent home, the remaining Challengers must step up to keep their feet in the game.

Digging Your Own Grave

3.0 165 x
When one team tries to keep an alliance under wraps, their exposure threatens to derail trust, friendships, and families within the Challenge house.
June 2016

Let Sleeping Dogs Wake

3.0 82 x
Sleep deprived and mentally broken, the house begins to divide as teams band together to plot against others.

Survival Guide

3.0 257 x
Fan favorites spill the beans on what you don't see on screen and dish dirty secrets on what it truly takes in order to survive life on The Challenge.