The Challenge: Total Madness


Season 35, Episode 9 - Backstabber

2.3 213 x
Dee tries to keep her hands clean while doing Jenny dirty, the Tunnel Rats challenge puts players underground, and the women, facing double elimination, jockey for red skulls.

Season 35, Episode 8 - Live and Let Die

4.4 313 x
The players compete in a Decontamination challenge, Wes and Bananas expose their alliance in order to make a big play, and a double elimination accelerates the competition.

Season 35, Episode 7 - Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

4.3 346 x
Bear sticks up for Kailah, Aneesa calls out Nany for flirting with Kaycee, and Jenna weighs whether to put herself up for elimination or not.

Season 35, Episode 6 - Love Will Tear Us Apart

4.7 389 x
Jenna considers quitting to try to save her relationship, a cruel prank leaves Kailah distraught, and two players are accused of throwing the "Fast & Furious" challenge.

Season 35, Episode 5 - Break Up with Your BF, I'm Bored

3.0 417 x
Wes pours fuel on his fiery feud with Jordan, teams struggle with communication in the Bomb Squad relay, and Bear's persistence may finally pay off.

Season 35, Episode 4 - Karma Chameleon

4.8 308 x
Ashley and Mattie's new alliance quickly unravels, an icy plunge pushes some players past their limit, and Bananas gives Big T a lesson in scheming.

Season 35, Episode 3 - A Hard Jay's Night

3.0 168 x
The players compete in an explosive puzzle challenge, Ashley and Bananas butt heads for control of the social game, and Jay remains a target as he flirts with Dee.

Season 35, Episode 2 - Sweet Dreams Are Made of Dee

4.3 313 x
The competitors face off in an explosive Airdrop Extraction, Wes and Johnny manipulate a player with their theatrics, and Dee's rivalry with Jennifer gets contentious.

Season 35, Episode 1 - Mad World

4.7 290 x
The contestants face their first test in Battle Lines, an unexpected alliance is revealed, and a new game-changing twist is introduced in the quest for $1 million.