The Challenge: Total Madness


Season 35, Episode 18 - Reunion, Pt. 2

4.0 125 x
Vernon Davis joins the Total Madness players as they share unseen stories about hookups, Jenna and Zach's engagement, Big T's hospital visit and Holy Trinity alliances.

Season 35, Episode 17 - Reunion, Pt. 1

3.0 116 x
The players reunite virtually and pull back the curtain on what went down in the bunker, including a surprise pregnancy, Aneesa and Nany's feud and Zach's ultimatum to Jenna.

Season 35, Episode 16 - It's the End of the World as We Know It

4.5 167 x
Nine finalists face a grueling two-day climb up a snow-covered mountain, and the first man and woman to reach the peak will split the $1 million prize.

Season 35, Episode 15 - Crash Into Me

3.0 174 x
The challengers try to drive through the most barrels in Crash Course, Jenny's sloppy political maneuvering may come back to haunt her, and one player proves his loyalty.

Season 35, Episode 14 - Your Time Is Gonna Come

4.5 207 x
Aneesa fears others are conspiring to keep her from the final, Fessy double-deals during the challenge, and players without Red Skulls jockey for double elimination spots.

Season 35, Episode 13 - Victim of Love

4.6 188 x
One housemate sees Nany and Kaycee's blossoming relationship as a cause for concern, and the female competitors still needing a red skull petition for their spot in Purgatory.

Season 35, Episode 12 - Pictures of You

3.3 211 x
Melissa calls out the snakes in the game, Cory is injured while hauling heavy junk across a field, and loyalties are questioned during Purgatory nominations.

Season 35, Episode 11 - You Ain't Right

4.0 255 x
Rogan and Jenny plot with Bananas to blindside a disloyal ally, some players bend the rules in the Flagged Down challenge, and two ladies furiously dig to earn a red skull.

Season 35, Episode 10 - The Final Countdown

3.6 875 x
The male competitors feel the pressure to earn a red skull before time runs out, one player takes a dive during trivia, and Wes's fragile alliance with Bananas is tested.

Season 35, Episode 9 - Backstabber

2.8 371 x
Dee tries to keep her hands clean while doing Jenny dirty, the Tunnel Rats challenge puts players underground, and the women, facing double elimination, jockey for red skulls.