The Challenge: War Of The Worlds 2

December 2019

Season 34, Episode 17 - Reunion, Pt. 1

4.0 67 x
Justina Valentine and Nick Young chat with the cast about Cara Maria's personal attacks on Nany, Team U.S.'s infighting and Jordan and Tori's engagement in the Proving Ground.

Season 34, Episode 18 - Reunion, Pt. 2

4.0 25 x
The cast opens up to Justina Valentine and Nick Young about Rogan hooking up with Dee and Nany, Jordan picking a fight with Turbo and all the shady alliances from Season 34.

Season 34, Episode 16 - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Cash

4.0 36 x
Team U.K. fights to hang on to its lead, the overnight break is less than restful, and the champions are crowned.

Season 34, Episode 15 - A Tale of Two Countries

4.0 37 x
Team U.S. and U.K. face off during stage one of the final, in which they must carry weighted gurneys through a 16-mile jungle track featuring catapults, math and grubworms.
November 2019

Season 34, Episode 14 - Declaration of Independence

4.5 30 x
CT has second thoughts, an unexpected move sends shockwaves through the teams, and emotions run high when two players face a super elimination.

Season 34, Episode 13 - Dee-Day

4.0 33 x
Dee sets out to prove she's not the weak link on Team U.K., a fast-paced swimming challenge shakes up the game, and Rogan tries to walk back his failed conspiracy.

Season 34, Episode 12 - The Right Honourable Rogan

3.0 26 x
Cara Maria skips Jordan and Tori's engagement party, Rogan and CT concoct a plan to eliminate Team U.K.'s weakest player, and the tribunal members are at odds.

Season 34, Episode 11 - All Is Fair in Love and War

4.0 44 x
Cracks continue to develop in the U.K. team, the game takes a toll on Nany, and a hard-fought Proving Ground ends with a huge surprise.
October 2019

Season 34, Episode 10 - Infinity War

4.0 48 x
Turbo's fight with Jordan crosses a line, Leroy chooses a side and jeopardizes a friendship, and the teams get down and dirty to avoid elimination.

Season 34, Episode 9 - The Royal Rumble

4.3 25 x
Dee runs into trouble during a training session, the men and women of each team compete in Under Siege, and the tribunal's decision might turn the tide of the competition.