The Cleveland Show

March 2016

Escape From Goochland

Expired 4.0 405 x
As Halloween approaches...Cleveland and his friends attended a rival high school's football game, only to find themselves stranded in enemy territory; Donna's sexy Halloween costume gets her into trouble with the police.

All You Can Eat

Expired 3.5 467 x
After undergoing a stylish makeover, Cleveland Junior asks a girl to accompany him to the school prom. Mistakenly believing that Junior is a lesbian like her, the girl accepts.

Flush of Genius

Expired 3.0 198 x
Cleveland attempts to make toilet seats safer; Rallo thinks he's tall enough to ride his favorite rollercoaster.

Jesus Walks

Expired 3.0 91 x
A cute girl entices Cleveland Jr. to join the church choir; Cleveland thinks Donna may be cheating on him.


Expired 3.0 221 x
While researching potential colleges for Roberta to attend, Cleveland visits his old fraternity, where he's made a fool of; Rallo becomes a substitute for Junior's stuffed animal.

Das Shrimp Boot

Expired 3.0 292 x
Cleveland's determination to attend an all-you-can-eat shrimp cruise ends up getting him addicted to energy supplements and kidnapped by pirates.

'Til Deaf

Expired 3.0 273 x
Cleveland loses his hearing during a secret hunting trip and tries to keep the truth from Donna; Donna decides to go back to school; Roberta challenges Junior when he runs for reelection as student body president.

Dancing with the Stools

Expired 3.0 203 x
Donna chooses Junior to be her partner in an upcoming ballroom dance competition; Roberta volunteers to babysit Rallo so she can spend more time with Federline.

There Goes El Neighborhood

Expired 3.0 103 x
Cleveland and Choni attempt to learn about each other's culture; Cleveland Jr. sets Cecilia up on a date with Tyler.

Y Tu Junior Tambien

Expired 3.0 264 x
Junior marries a beautiful Mexican woman to prevent her deportation from the United States.