The Cromarties

December 2017

Baby Cro On the Way

3.0 3 x
With the baby due any day, the Cromarties realize there is still much to be done in preparation for the home birth. However, a last minute phone call forces the family to call an audible.

Cro Potty Training

3.0 9 x
With the birth of the newest Cromartie around the corner, the family decides that they need a bigger van. Then, Terricka and Antonio turn potty training the twins into a friendly competition.

Little Girl Boss

3.0 6 x
Antonio helps Jordynn brush up on her baby sitting skills so he and Terricka can enjoy date night. Meanwhile, Jurzie becomes an out of control girl boss with her new leotard line venture.
November 2017

Camp Cro

4.0 7 x
Antonio decides to take the kids camping. Meanwhile, Terricka’s mother, G-mama, arrives and spoils the twins.


4.0 10 x
When Antonio and the kids go overboard at the supermarket, Terricka decides the whole family needs a lesson in "Ballin' on a Budget".

Happy Bear-Day Jagger

4.0 11 x
Antonio has taken on more "Daddy Duties" since becoming a free agent, but when Terricka asks him to plan Jagger's 6th Birthday party, it turns out to be a real "Bear" of a task.