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Back in Black - Trump 2012

3.0 55 x
Donald Trump has the crazy hair and ridiculously oversized ego that every good dictator needs.

Duke (Non) Rape Case

3.0 54 x
Nancy Grace was out raping puppies tonight -- prove she wasn't.

Gretchen Carlson Dumbs Down

3.0 61 x
Gretchen Carlson graduated from Stanford with honors, but she doesn't know what a czar is.
Episodes 2015

Angelina Jolie

3.0 31 x
Angelina Jolie of the TV-show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was broadcast by Comedy Central on Saturday 17 October 2015 at 1:15AM.

Democalypse 2016 - Bernie Sanders Kicks Off His Presidential Campaign

3.0 49 x
Sen. Bernie Sanders proves himself to be one of the more eccentric presidential candidates.

Saving Private Data

3.0 30 x
A federal court ruling strikes a blow to the NSA's controversial mass-surveillance program.

The Special Network

3.0 33 x
Jon congratulates Fox News's excellence in news reporting with a special treat.

Better Call Foul

3.0 23 x
Jon defends his honor against the accusations of the conservative media.

Democalypse 2016 - The Trail to the Path to the Route to the Road to the White House

3.0 29 x
The invisible primaries begin to draw out serious contenders for the 2016 presidential race.
Episodes 2014

A Single Factual Error

3.0 32 x
Jon shares the challenges of working in media counter-errorism.