The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

September 2016

Blood Orange - "Juicy 1-4"

3.0 16 x
Blood Orange performs "Juicy 1-4" off his album "Freetown Sound."

Exclusive - Blood Orange - "Love Ya"

3.0 14 x
Blood Orange performs the song "Love Ya" from his album "Freetown Sound."

Governor Paul LePage's Binder Full of Drug Dealers

3.0 16 x
Governor Paul LePage of Maine comes under fire for embellishing statistics on minority drug dealers.

Putting North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law to the Test

3.0 11 x
Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper demonstrate just how arbitrary North Carolina's anti-LGBT law is.

Unpacking Stop-and-Frisk

3.0 13 x
Trevor explains how stop-and-frisk policing disproportionately affects people of color.

Donald Trump Doubles Down on Fat-Shaming Miss Universe

3.0 18 x
Donald Trump calls Fox News to defend attacks he made on a former Miss Universe winner's weight.

Donald Trump's Long History of Sexism

3.0 14 x
Trevor looks back at some of the troubling comments Donald Trump has made about women.

Donald Trump's Post-Debate Spin

3.0 16 x
Donald Trump goes on the defensive after floundering in the first presidential debate.

Exclusive - Reid Hoffman Extended Interview

3.0 15 x
LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman talks about his Donald Trump-themed card game "Trumped Up Cards."

Exclusive - Sara Goldrick-Rab Extended Interview

3.0 19 x
Sara Goldrick-Rab examines the rising cost of a college education in her book "Paying the Price."