The Deuce

October 2019

Season 3, Episode 7 - That's a Wrap

3.0 0 x
Candy and Lori reunite in New York. Abby takes a stand. Tommy tells Vincent the new world order.

Season 3, Episode 6 - This Trust Thing

3.0 2 x
Candy starts to see her movie clearly. Abby confronts Vincent. Paul turns to activism.

Season 3, Episode 5 - You Only Get One

3.0 5 x
Vincent follows a dangerous lead. Paul meets Tod's parents. Candy and Harvey have it out.

Season 3, Episode 4 - They Can Never Go Home

3.0 1 x
Lori returns to New York. Candy speaks to her critics. Abby grows closer to Pilar and further from Vincent.
September 2019

Season 3, Episode 3 - Normal Is a Lie

4.0 1 x
Tod's worsening health hits Paul hard. Melissa faces her past. Tensions rise between Frankie and Rudy.

Season 3, Episode 2 - Morta di Fame

3.0 4 x
Vincent worries when Frankie cuts Rudy out of a deal. Candy opens up to her new beau.

Season 3, Episode 1 - The Camera Loves You

4.0 4 x
Season Three Premiere. Vincent reconnects with his ex-wife; Candy and Harvey face the future of porn.