The Electric Company

January 2016

Episode 13: War of the Words

3.0 38 x
When Hector is chosen to give a presentation on stamina to Jessica and Keith's health class, the pranksters work overtime to keep Hector from getting some much needed rest. Will Hector have enough stamina to make the presentation?

Episode 14: Mighty Bright Knight

3.0 22 x
Jessica and Manny compete to win the last copy of their favorite comic book, Mighty Bright Knight. But when it looks like Manny will win by cheating, will Jessica be tempted to cheat too?

Episode 15: The Orangachoke

3.0 30 x
When Danny steals a Skeleckian orangachoke from Lisa's friend Lottie, The Electric Company has to get it back in time for Lottie's big Skeleckian celebration.

Episode 16: Gravity Groove

3.0 131 x
When Lisa and Shock enter a dance contest, Francine does her best to sabotage them. Can Lisa and Shock overcome Francine's pranks and win the contest with their Gravity Groove?

Episode 7: The Skeleckian Hiccups

3.0 60 x
Jessica is set to face Danny in a chess tournament, but will she lose because of a case of the Skeleckian Hiccups?

Episode 8: Dirty Laundry

3.0 34 x
Manny steals a Skeleckian meteorite in order to power his letter-stealing gizmo. It's up to The Electric Company to get the meteorite back before Manny steals every letter in the neighborhood.

Episode 10: Scrambled Brains

3.0 51 x
With the help of her hypnotist uncle, Annie switches brains with Lisa. The Electric Company needs to find a way to switch them back before Annie ruins Lisa's good name with her neighborhood pranks.

Episode 11: Abracadabra Cadabra Ca-Green!

3.0 45 x
Danny gets his hands on a book of magic spells and transforms Jessica into a lizard. It's up to The Electric Company to get Jessica back to normal before she's stuck eating flies forever.

Episode 12: Game On

3.0 32 x
Manny zaps Deek the Dino Dude out of Hector's video game and into the real world. The Electric Company has to figure out how to get Deek back to his cyber home.

Episode 9: He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Frozen

3.0 20 x
Keith gets frozen like a statue when he's zapped by one of Manny's gadgets. The Electric Company has just one hour to help Keith--or he'll be permanently frozen!